Freo Pay App Refer and Earn Offer – Buy Now Pay Later App – Get Up To ₹6,000

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Freo Pay App Refer and Earn Offer – Buy Now Pay Later App – Freo Pay Get Up To ₹6,000

Freo Pay App Refer and Earn Offer


Shop any time, anywhere, with Freo Pay!

Get the Freo Pay buy now pay later app to get an INSTANT AMOUNT up to Rs. 6,000 to shop now and pay later.

Looking for an app that will make shopping easier?

Get Freo Pay! Your buy now, pay later experience just stepped into the future. This scan now pay later app is a refreshing, convenient way to shop without having money deducted instantly from your bank account.

You don’t need to run after your friends or family to loan you some quick cash. You can just download the Freo Pay app and get approved for a quick amount up to Rs. 6,000, and use it to shop now and pay later. Freo Pay has your back!

→ Want a way to make your simple bills disappear? Freo Pay it!
→ Want to shop now & pay later? Freo Pay it!
→ Too lazy to pull out your wallet? Just Freo Pay it!
→ Need to buy travel tickets? Just Freo Pay it!

Freo Pay gives you a zero-interest amount up to Rs. 6,000 that can be instantly used to buy your daily essentials. Point, scan, & shop at any store in India! Buy food, groceries, medicines, pay your utility bills, even book travel tickets with Freo Pay’s scan and pay later feature.

If the merchant accepts payments via apps like BHIM, PhonePe, Paytm, Amazon Pay, Freecharge, Mobikwik, Axis Pay, Jio Pay, etc., then you can pay using your Freo Pay to shop now and pay later.

This made in India Pay Later app brings you seamless technology that will help you experience shopping in a whole new light.

• Freo Pay for groceries

Forgot to take cash to get groceries? No problem at all. Freo Pay is your go-to Pay Later app. Just point, scan, and avoid the hassle of carrying cash.

• Freo Pay for tea, coffee, & other refreshments

Catching up with friends, but no change to pay for tea? Just scan & pay your simple bills with Freo Pay. Instead of digging through your wallet or purse to find spare change, just Freo Pay it!

• Freo Pay for offline shopping

Unlock your Freo Pay scanner to use it offline. Buy what you want by just pointing & scanning any merchant’s QR code.

Q: How do I use Freo Pay?

Freo Pay is THE much-needed revolution in the world of buy now pay later apps.

Here’s how you use Freo Pay.

1. Install Freo Pay (formerly known as chillpay)
2. Fill in your details & register
3. Get approved

That’s it! Once approved, you can use Freo Pay at your favourite merchant shops & stores to scan now and pay later.

All you have to do is to scan the QR code in a store. You can also scan QR codes generated in Paytm, PhonePe or Google Pay.

Q: How much amount do I get on Freo Pay?

You get instant approval for an amount that ranges between INR 500 to 6,000, based on your profile. You can use it to pay bills and shop for essentials online wherever payment through QR code is available.

Q: How much interest will I be charged for using Freo Pay?

You get to enjoy your Freo Pay amount for 30-days interest-free!

Q: Can I send money to my friend?

Yes, you can use Freo Pay for peer-to-peer transactions.

Q: Can I withdraw money using Freo Pay?

No, you can only use Freo Pay for outgoing transactions.

You can have Freo Pay and scan QR code for payment, that simple!

Welcome to the world of Buy Now Pay Later with Freo Pay and experience a whole new experience.

Repay, Replenish, Reuse. Get the Freo Pay app now.

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