Intermiles Quiz-A-Thon Answers (17 to 23 Feb 2022)

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Intermiles Quiz-A-Thon Answers (17-Feb-2022 to 23-Feb-2022)

Intermiles Quiz-A-Thon Answers (17-Feb-2022 to 23-Feb-2022)

Buy Now Intermiles Quiz-A-Thon Answers (17-Feb-2022 to 23-Feb-2022)…
Around the World in 60 Seconds Quiz

6 Questions will be asked in every account from the below set of 8 questions.

The questions can be in any order. Answer all the 6 quiz questions within 1 minute and answer atleast 4 questions correctly to get a Raffle Ticket to win 1500 to 5000 Miles.

Q1. What’s the world largest city?
A: Tokyo (Option B)

Q2. The longest place name is how many letter long?
A:  85 (Option D)

Q3. How many countries in the world don’t use the metric system?
A: 3 (Option B)

Q4. What do the casinos in Las Vegas don’t have?
A: Clocks (Option C)

Q5. Which two countries in the World are the only two with the colour purple in their flags?
A: Nicaragua and Dominica (Option C)

Q6. The Canary Islands are named after?
A: Dogs (Option A)

Q7. According to the Bicycle Cities Index 2019, which city is the world’s most bicycle-friendly city?
A. Utrecht (Option B)

Q8. How many countries recognise sign language as an official language?
A. 41 (Option C)

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